What is vocational training?

What is vocational training ?

Vocational training aims at equiping people with skills and competences that can be used on the labour market. It is closely related to business world. 

The Euromed + platform is focused on basic vocational training, that is to say a training that follows general education and prepares young people for a skilled job, from worker to engineer.

This platform also regards alternate training, which is a training alternating periods in a school or a training center and at the workplace.

Vocation training is now a crucial stake for Mediterranean countries. Today, the majority of the inhabitants of Maghreb is under 25 years old. Countries of the southern shore face a demographic explosion and one of the biggest challenge for the years to come is employment for these young people.

Since the Arabic Spring, the countries face an unprecedented unemployment crisis for young people, with an unemployment rate of 25%, the highest in the world. In Tunisia for instance, the unemployment rate reaches 13.3% for young men and 30.3% for young women.

On the Northern shore, unemployment is also a major issue. In Spain in 2009, the unemployment rate reached 33.6%.

Vocational training appears as a way to contain unemployment by matching trainings with the requirements of employers. Yet, VET suffers from a poor image in the Mediterranean area.

What levels of vocational training are concerned by the Euromed + platform?

Euromed + aims at students on the 4th and 5th levels of EQC, technicians and advanced technicians.